About Kim

I want to live in a world where chocolate is declared a major food group, 80s music is played on every radio station, and no woman or man is ever again diagnosed with breast cancer.

The last thing I ever expected after a routine check-up was a breast cancer diagnosis. Having lost my own mother to breast cancer, and with a young family to raise, the situation I found myself in rocked me to the very core.

My first book, Where Angels Fear to Tread: Finding Balance through Breast Cancer, was inspired by the journal entries I kept during my emotionally-charged experience.

Through my writing, I share the valuable wisdom and life-changing lessons I learnt during this harrowing experience.

I hope to guide readers through the treacherous waters of their own diagnosis, and toward extraordinary levels of peace, acceptance and love.

When I’m not at my computer tapping out my latest blog or working on my next book, you can find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, where I share my inspirational message of resilience.

Kim Henderson poses for the camera with the photographer's dog
Photo credit: Belinda Walkom Photography
Where Angels Fear to Tread: Finding Balance through Breast Cancer book cover

My new book is out now.

My shock breast cancer diagnosis became my greatest wake-up call to life. While undergoing a bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy and the breakdown of my mental health, I came to see my crisis as a catalyst for emotional growth.

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“I have learned that all it takes to negate fear is love.”
Kim Henderson
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